This award will be given annually in memory of Kay Lowe, in recognition of her many years of service to 4RK9's, her ongoing support of the United Kennel Club's performance events and her valuable mentorship of fellow competitors.

The award will be presented at the club's fall obedience or agility trial. Club members will submit their nomination via a letter to a committee of three, 4RK9's Members appointed by the Board of Directors at the time the club's officers are elected. Nominations will be accepted from January 1st through August 31st of each year. The letter should contain specific information regarding the nominee's qualifications for the award. After September 1st, the committee will choose the nominee that best represents Kay's ideals.

Applicants do not necessarily need to be club members, but should reside within 300 miles of Cedar Rapids.

Examples of qualifications would be, but are not limited to:

  • Services "above and beyond" to 4RK9's or another United Kennel Club sanctioned dog club.
  • Promotion of UKC obedience, rally obedience or agility competitions.
  • Outstanding performance with a dog adopted from a shelter or rescue program.
  • Assistance/support of fellow competitors.
  • Mentorship/support of new competitors in performance events.
  • Any incident(s) the club member feels worthy of recognition that would have reflected Kay's values and high standards.

4RK9's will maintain a plaque in our building displaying the name of each year's recipient. 4RK9's will also present the recipient with a commemorative of the award.


since 9/1/10