Calendar Usage Explanation

The 4RK9s website makes use of two distinct Calendars - one is the Club Usage Calendar and the other is the Personal Usage Calendar. If an item is for "personal building usage", Gary should be asked to put it on Calendar. If the item is for "club usage" Bryon will put it on the Calendar (and usually the Events page or the Classes page). You can think of a personal usage as a "notification" that a person will be at the building, while club usage is an actual "reservation" of building usage.

Club usage trumps personal usage. So if a Club Usage needed to go into a time a person had signed up as a personal usage, the personal usage would have to move. In practice people have always worked things out so that, as far as I know, no one has been made to lose personal time when they have previously notified. At least not without being asked if that was okay.

The two Calendars can be viewed either separately or together.

Club Usage Rules

Personal Usage Rules

Members in good standing can add their building usage by sending an email to Gary.