Joining the 4RK9s Dog Training Club

An individual or family thinking about joining 4RK9s should attend a general club meeting to become familiarized with the club.

If interested in becoming a member, complete the following steps. The steps do not need to be completed in the given order and several of the steps may be worked on concurrently.

  1. Complete at least one 6-hour obedience or agility class given by 4RK9's.
  2. Volunteer twelve (12) hours of work for the club.

    ** If a family is applying, each member of the family must complete twelve (12) hours.

    ** If a Junior member applies (person 8-18 years old), they must complete eight (8) hours of work for the club.

  3. Complete the Membership Application Form including three (3) signatures from Active Members with at least one (1) year membership each.

    ** Two people from the same family cannot sponsor an applicant.

  4. Submit Application Form to Membership Secretary along with first year Membership Dues. The Membership Secretary will provide the applicant a copy of the handbook (or directions on where to find it) and place him/her on the mailing list for the newsletter and other general announcements.

    ** Members who join on or after October 1st will be considered paid in full for the following year.

Following completion of the above, the applicant(s) must attend a 2nd general club meeting for introduction and the first reading of their application.

The applicant(s) must then attend a 3rd general club meeting for the second reading of their application and to submit their name(s) for election. Election is by written ballet and applicants will be notified by mail within 14 days of acceptance or denial of membership.

The annual membership fee is $30 for an adult and $10 for a junior. Members joining after October 1 will be considered "paid in full" for the following year.

Additional information is available in the Members Handbook.

since 1/26/24