Playtime Puppy Graduation Pictures
June 2011

Bree...a sweet as sugar Golden Retriever


Daisy...a Cockapoo with awesome attitude and maturity for her age


Samson...a Great Dane that is growing another inch right before our very eyes


Samwise... a Rhodesian Ridgeback with attitude to spare


Special Artwork

These two pieces of artwork were made by the girls in Bree's family. They were given to me as a token of appreciation. Is it just too sweet?! The girls attended classes with Bree and were total angels and clearly enjoyed being included in their new pup's adventures in training.

You see in the first drawing that each pup from the class is detailed. The reason Rocket is included in the drawing is that he was our "adult dog interaction" resource... he was allowed to roam with the pups during their off-leash time in class. The girls fell madly in love with him and I see from the drawing that it appears they may have been trying to hook up Rocket and Bree (based on the red hearts, LOL! : )



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